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The project aims to develop a green procurement strategy for construction and demolition waste in South Africa. The construction and demolition (C&D) waste constitutes one of the largest waste streams that are generated in South Africa. The demand for construction and demolition waste is increasing significantly. In fact, there is a growing body of knowledge that indicates the economic potential of the construction and demolition waste as a resource. However, it seems as if the pace of diversion of the C&D waste is much slower than expected. The latest State of Waste Report indicates that the generation of C&D waste constitutes about 13% of the total general waste that is generated in South Africa. A small fraction (10%) of this waste is diverted for reuse and recycling. This is a worrying trend considering that the Government has made a commitment to support the growth of the secondary materials economy.

Construction and

Demolition Waste

Victor Nesengani

Victor Nesengani is an experienced horticulturist with expertise in business. Having held executive leadership roles, Victor offers a wealth of knowledge in Business Management & the Agricultural industry.

Victor offers the following experience:

  • Chief horticulturist Kempton Park Municipality
  • Director at Department of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management – Ekurhuleni.
  • Acting HOD at the Department of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management – Ekurhuleni.

Victor has had a hand in building entities such as the Department of Public Works, SANBI and Top Tur.

On August 21st 2021, he was appointed as a non-executive board member for the Green Development Foundation.